01. He is a [wise] old man who has learned from the many experiences he has had in life.
02. I think the [wise] thing to do if you are unhappy with your marriage is to see a marriage counselor with your husband.
03. He invested his money [wisely], and has made a nice profit.
04. She is a very [wise] woman, so everyone asks her for advice.
05. In my country, we recognize the [wisdom] that comes with old age, so the elderly are treated with great respect.
06. It's not very [wise] to leave your car in this part of town; it could get stolen.
07. This university was a [wise] choice for me. The program here is excellent.
08. They [wisely] chose not to go canoeing while it was too windy because it could have been dangerous.
09. I know you'd like to buy a new car but I think you'd be [wiser] to get a good used car.
10. We can all learn a great deal from the [wisdom] expressed in traditional proverbs.
11. Jimi Hendrix once wrote that knowledge speaks, but [wisdom] listens.
12. Sir Francis Bacon once wrote that it is impossible to love, and to be [wise].
13. Josh Billings once suggested that some folks as they grow older grow [wise], but most folks simply grow stubborner.
14. The Buddha stated that even death is not to be feared by one who has lived [wisely].
15. Anatole France once observed that it is human nature to think [wisely], and act foolishly.
16. There is a Saudi Arabian proverb which holds that there are five ways in which to become [wise]: be silent, listen, remember, grow older and study.
17. There is a Chinese proverb which remarks that a single conversation across the table with a [wise] man is worth a month's study of books.
18. There is a Hebrew proverb which states that the greatest [wisdom] of all is kindness.
19. In the year 804, a Buddhist priest named Kukai made a perilous journey from Japan to China, seeking [wisdom].
20. Winston Churchill once remarked that all men make mistakes, but only [wise] men learn from their mistakes.
21. Today's science is verifying the ancient [wisdom] of traditional cultures.
22. The Jewish faith teaches that the highest [wisdom] is kindness.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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